Lower your heating costs with an efficient HeatMaster furnace.

The G-Series HeatMaster Wood Furnace burns more effieicent and cleaner than other standard wood burning furnaces. The HeatMaster G-Series is the most efficient wood furnace we offer. It is an entirely new way to burn wood that reduces wood consumption by up to 50% compared to a standard wood furnace.

HeatMaster G-Series Wood Furnace

Today studies show that when burned properly, wood fires remain one of the most efficient and environmentally-sound ways to generate heat becuase it uses a renewable, abundant energy resource with zero net carbon contribution. Burning wood instead of pricey fossil fuels enables homeowners to dramatically lower their energy costs. With a HeatMaster G-Series wood furnace, you can live comfortably in your heated home, knowing that your carbon footprint and heating costs are shrinking.

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Visit our shop located at Murray's Construction, 14121 HWY 60 in Seymour, Missouri to purchase your HeatMaster Wood Furnace. We are open Monday-Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm; Saturdays and evening appointments available. Closed on Sunday.